Indirect Tax Manual By Avinash Poddar

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Today’s Profession and Business have to deal with various laws of Indirect taxes together. They need to adhere the laws of Service Tax, Excise and Customs simultaneously. Indirect Tax Manual is an attempt to bring in the provisions of all the three Statute, namely Excise, Service Tax and Customs at one place, for the ease of the practitioners and professionals dealing with Indirect Taxes.

The comprehensive commentary covers the practice and procedures under the three statute, with reference to the updated legislations, Rules and landmark judgements.

This book “Indirect Tax Manual” is dealing with the provision relating to Central Excise, Service tax and Customs. This book has been divided into 4 divisions for the sake of convenience of the reader:

Division I Central Excise Manual

Division II Service Tax Manual

Division III Customs Manual

Division IV Tables, Flow Charts and Forms